The Wasatch Mountains in Utah held Amy captive from when she was a mere babe. She sought to escape to other places to seek her fortune and brave adventure. Many years later she returned to her beloved mountains to ski and make merry with her friends. Good to be home (even in the sweltering heat of the summer months) Amy embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure of the culinary kind.


Amy O.

Amy’s cooking experience is beyond imagination. Her knack for seeking out unique culinary adventures has led her to the far reaches of the West. Heli-skiing in British Columbia, river running in Idaho, hiking in Colorado and mountain biking in the Southern Utah desert. She has been a private chef for professional athletes, famous actors, illustrious politicians, and rock and rollers.

Studying Japanese cuisine under sushi masters, slinging hash with big city chefs and having a superb instinct for fine food, Amy’s schooling in the culinary arts goes outside tradition.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys skiing powder, collecting vintage ski clothing, bicycle riding, jewelry making, downward dog and photography. She strives to become a mandolin master and write stories of her frothy experiences.

She lives in Holladay, Utah