Links and Accolades

I like..... you girls make good stuff! Oh yeah, and you can rip too!

Chad Waits

Tucson, AZ

From our first contact with mediumRARE we were impressed.  They instill confidence through their attention to detail and showed tremendous flexibility with our “high maintenance” group (food allergies, picky eaters and frequent menu/headcount changes).  The meals were fantastic; Amy and staff arrived and had food plated on time, was perfectly prepared and the kitchen was left cleaner than how they received it.  A perfect addition to our vacation, we hope to include Amy and

mediumRARE in our plans!

Matt Giordano

Greenwich, Connecticut

….thanking you for all you did to make our trip to Ben Hame, at Snowbird, so much fun. For me it was a great treat to be able to enjoy our guests for a few days and not have to worry about feeding them. Cooking is great sport, but cooking well is a real art and I put mediumRARE in the latter category. Amy has great imagination and good follow through. Barry and I were fully occupied taking care of our guests, most of whom had never been in Utah. Thankfully, because of mediumRARE, I did not have to worry about any details.  Menu selections were well thought out and appealed to all. Thank you for being so attentive and making our weekend so special.

Mary Ann MacLean
Chicago, Illinois